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Laƫl Cranmer Gatewood, PhD, FACMI

Professor Emeritus, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Dr. Gatewood has been instrumental in establishing the University of Minnesota as a leader in health informatics. She and her colleagues have produced cutting-edge research and developed innovative technologies in the fields of micropopulation simulation modeling, clinical decision-making and laboratory information systems, and microbial biotechnology databases. Gatewood was key in establishing the National Micropopulation Simulation Resource, a pioneering individual-based modeling resource for epidemiology. Over the years she has worked with informatics colleagues and doctoral students to develop simulation programs for modeling genetic, chronic, and infectious diseases, neural networks, and social networks.



What our member said about IPHIE activities

Prof.dr.Monique Jasper

Fellow Member
University of Amsterdam


Prof.dr. Monique Jasper
Director Educational Institute Medical Informatics, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

Yeng Muas

Master Class 2018 Student
University of Minnesota

IPHIE provided me with a better understanding of a unique student cultural exchange. It also helped me understand how healthcare technology is influenced in different places within our world. I would definitely do it all over again!

Yeng-Sodacray Muas
Master of Health Informatics, Academic Health Center, Institute of Health Informatics, University of Minnesota

Dr Shabbir Syed-Abdul

Master Class 2018 Faculty Member
Taipei Medical University

This masterclass was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of the Data analytics and their application in healthcare. On behalf of TMU, I am thankful for having the opportunity to share and gain the knowledge with our International partners.

Dr. Shabbir Syed-Abdul
Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics, College of Medical Science & Technology, Taipei Medical University

Maximilian Kurscheidt

IPHIE Exchange Student 2016
University Heidelberg-Heilbronn


Maximilian Kurscheidt
Master of Medical Informatics, Heidelberg-Heilbronn University